Data transfer

Modern technical solutions for your data

VOLZ constantly monitors market innovations, chooses the best and most promising technologies for the implementation of telecom services for its customers.


We are constantly improving our service and updating equipment. With VOLZ, your telecom will be several levels higher.

  • Security

    We use the safest solutions. For example, the MPLS data transmission system.

  • Stability

    We guarantee the continuity of your data transfer. You are always in touch.

  • Technical support

    The VOLZ team provides technical support for customers on a daily basis.

  • Fair pricing

    It will be clear to you what you are paying for.


A business that does not need the Internet to grow and scale does not exist. If you also understand the need to implement technologies in the work of your company, then we invite you to cooperate.

We are ready to dive into your business and make it modern, fast and technological.


The VOLZ team chose the most stable and secure data transmission technologies


    A local area network standard for data transmission.


    • traffic passes at the channel level through the optical transmission systems of VOLZ.

    • bandwidth allows you to use speeds from 1 Mbit/s to 1 Gbit/s.

    • no longer need to hire specialists in the areas of WAN MPLS, ATM or Relay.

    • VOLZ makes direct connections with a fiber optic cable from the trunk network to the equipment.

  • MPLS

    High-performance data transfer mechanism.


    • it is possible to provide a higher speed of IP packet transmission with the help of state-of-the-art VOLZ equipment.

    • absolute separation of the virtual corporate network by building special tunnels for each of them.

    • the ability to join a user who uses Frame relay, ETHERNET or ATM protocol traffic using a transparent pass through the MPLS/IP core.

    • our company has specially trained specialists who service this technology and monitor its stable operation.

  • SDH

    Universal data transmission system.


    • which enables the integration of international data transfer systems (PDH) and will ensure perfect compatibility with existing systems.

    • at any level of the system digital hierarchy, it is possible to isolate congested PDH streams without using complex demultiplexing.

    • the network control panel can be configured with two ways of signal distribution with instant switching of the first or second in case of errors.

    • the transition to a transmission speed that will be higher than the current one is carried out by simply replacing one functional block with another.

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