Solutions for TRADE NETWORKS

We will build a unified telecom system for your network

We build a secure connection and connect all business departments to the corporate network.


We cover 90% of Kyiv and we work with the largest retail chains in Ukraine. We create a complete system between branches, office and warehouses, taking business to the next level.

  • Retail

    We build fault-tolerant systems, connect large trade networks to the corporate secure network.

  • Postal services

    We establish communication between departments and warehouses for prompt and effective management of the work of logistics and postal companies.

  • Gas station networks

    We connect gas stations to the network and provide uninterrupted communication for all departments and offices.

  • Financial and medical institutions

    We offer the best technical solutions, modern equipment and the creation of a secure infrastructure.


We have a simple algorithm of our work, which helps us provide high-quality and fast service

  • Study of business processes and design

    We start with the preparation of the project taking into account your wishes, we study the field of your activity and offer optimal solutions just for you.

  • Construction of communication lines and connection of branches to the network

    We have a team, equipment and the necessary licenses for the physical construction of corporate communication lines. We do not waste time and present the result quickly.

  • Ensuring information security

    We protect your IT infrastructure from DDoS attacks of various levels, build a convenient and understandable system for managing company data security.

  • Continuous technical support and service

    We do not leave your team and are permanently in touch with you. We value your time and ours, so we promptly respond to inquiries and help solve any problems.

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