Reliable telecom to support production

VOLZ has been working with manufacturers in various industries for more than 20 years and implements a full range of IT solutions to increase their productivity.


Deployment of the IT system is a guarantee of rapid growth and efficiency of the manufacturer. VOLZ knows how to implement it.

  • Design

    VOLZ specialists study the request, the specifics of the industry, current telecom problems and form an offer. It is our team that undertakes the development of the project in its entirety.

  • Construction

    We have the largest coverage in Kyiv and an existing group of specialists for building new infrastructure. We have the opportunity to physically join corporate channels in the shortest possible time.

  • Equipment

    We connect to the network and deploy the IT infrastructure for production. The equipment that we offer to customers has already been tested in operation and has demonstrated better performance.

  • Maintenance

    Our team promptly responds to requests both online and by phone, as well as offline. We have a group of specialists for prompt solution of problems on the spot. So we are always there.

High quality telecom services

We will organize your work, increase the efficiency and level of production safety.

  • Experience

    We have been on the market for more than 25 years, so we know how to do things qualitatively, quickly and with minimal costs.

  • Security

    In our work, we emphasize the guarantee of security of data transmission and processing. It is this aspect that guarantees continuous online work.

  • Team

    Our specialists work with all areas of business, not only in Ukraine, but also in the EU. Each new request is a challenge and an opportunity for development.

  • International standard

    We have the opportunity to connect your business to global networks and deploy IT infrastructure in international clouds.

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