Corporate Internet

We have been bringing businesses online for over 25 years

We will study your business processes and offer the best option for joining the network for your company. VOLZ has the largest coverage in Kyiv, the ability to connect to international data centers and the resources to build your own network from scratch.


Why do you need to turn to VOLZ to connect to the corporate Internet?

  • High level of service

    I have an experienced team of specialists and cool equipment in Ukraine and the EU. Synergistically, this allows for quick project implementation and secure data transfer.

  • Own infrastructure

    VOLZ has the largest coverage in Kyiv, routes on bridges and the possibility of connecting to international channels.

  • Quality guarantee

    We value every partnership and work with most of our clients for years. We prove our competence every day.


VOLZ will create a physical direct connection between your business and global services of Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Apple, etc. We work according to the principle of Physical Network Interconnection (PNI).

We increase the speed of data transmission, reduce the probability of delays and establish communication through direct connection to the network due to physical connection to the service equipment.


Global media company, distributor and producer of films and television series. The company is represented in more than 190 countries of the world, where content is produced and distributed.


A global corporation that provides both free Internet services for searching, storing information, viewing photos and videos, and paid services for business: deployment of cloud infrastructure, software, etc.


A global online retail giant, as well as a provider of AI solutions, cloud computing platforms, international transportation. Amazom services allow you to develop a flexible and reliable infrastructure.


The world's largest software provider. The company provides services for the development of business IT infrastructure, including cloud services, solutions for business organization, etc.


Ukrainian media service for watching movies, television, and live broadcasts. The service cooperates with world leaders in film production, represented in more than 5 countries of the world.


American company, one of the leaders in the world electronics market. Specialises in development and production of devices, household appliances, online services, software.


One of the largest technology companies in the world. The holding owns the social networks Facebook and Instagram, and also provides the opportunity for businesses to develop and sell services on their platforms.


Cross-platform cloud messenger that provides text, voice and video exchange services. The service has the ability to launch video conferences, store and transfer files.


A global cloud platform that provides a range of network services to companies of all sizes: protection against DDoS attacks, firewall services, and more. The company operates in more than 100 countries.

Additional services

Haven't decided yet where to connect the Internet for your organization?

  • Corporate mail

    To stay in touch with employees and strengthen customer trust in your company.

  • Static IP address

    You will be assigned an IP address of your choice, which expands the possibilities of working with various devices and information.

  • Hosting

    We will ensure stable and safe operation of any Internet resource with the help of our hosting.

  • Technical support

    VOLZ team of specialists is always in touch with you. We are available 24/7 because business cannot stop.

We build THE “LAST MILE”

VOLZ connects the subscriber equipment with the provider's access nodes. We built direct channels from Frankfurt and minimized the number of hops, RTD delays.

Bandwidth of international channels is 50 GigaBits.


We highlight six main advantages of using a fiber-optic cable in connecting corporate clients to the Internet.

  • More possibilities

    It has a wider bandwidth, unlike other methods of data transmission.

  • Reliability

    Allows to minimize losses during signal transmission.

  • Transmission quality

    Fibre optic cable transmits Internet signals of higher quality.

  • Flexibility

    Using this type of cable allows you to expand the limits of data transmission.

  • Easy to use

    The cable does not conflict with external fibre optic cables.

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