Global Cloud Connect

Bring cloud infrastructure to a global level

Global cloud connect is a data transmission channel that allows secure transport of digital content in any volume between Amazon, Microsoft Azure, SAP, Google clouds, a public or private cloud on the provider's site and the client's local infrastructure.


GLOBAL CLOUD CONNECT provides an opportunity to connect your cloud infrastructure to global services. VOLZ cooperates with the main players of the IT market and guarantees simple and fast joining of international channels.


Cloud platform Google Cloud. The optimal solution for business, which will help the company to scale faster, reduce the risks of network overload, and ensure a stable connection for data transmission.

Google constantly updates its services: improves and speeds up their work. Google Cloud is compatible with all other services of the company, which will make your work more comfortable. The platform is flexible, easy to understand, offers all the necessary tools to optimize business processes and increase their efficiency.

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Microsoft Azure is a large-scale cloud platform for cloud computing and creating online applications. The service is able to increase the technological capacity of the business IT infrastructure, contains more than 200 products for creating new business solutions.

The platform provides comprehensive protection of information and data transmission. There is an opportunity to use open source and create applications in a convenient way, quickly deploy them. Microsoft Azure is used by large companies, government institutions, and startups

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The cloud computing service Oracle Cloud provides storage services, connection to the global network, work with data centers of Oracle Corporation. The platform supports open standards (HTML5, SQL, REST), most programming languages and open source solutions.

This is an innovative solution that will speed up migration, increase the level of data protection, and application performance. Oracle Cloud offers comprehensive services that will be needed for the development of new cloud services.

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One of the first companies in the world that began to provide services for the implementation of CRM systems and the deployment of cloud environments. Often used in e-commerce. Allows you to quickly scale, develop and implement new services. One of the best interfaces on the market, easy to use.

Salesforce cloud services in synergy with the company's CRM system is one of the best solutions for large retailers, which allows for the constant development and implementation of new services. The customer experience turns into a completely understandable and controlled process.

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IBM Cloud is a set of cloud computing services for business offered by IBM. Includes Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), and Platform as a Service (PaaS) offered through public, private, and hybrid clouds.

The cloud platform has profiles optimized for different tasks of virtual machines. As well as block file storage, which can be used both with virtual machines and with servers.

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Cloud computing service from Amazon. AWS provides computing power, database storage, content delivery, and other functionality to build complex applications with high flexibility, scalability, and reliability

AWS has different solutions for different areas of business: advertising, financial industry, media and entertainment, retail and even the field of creating computer games. This proves its power and adaptability to various requests. It is possible to run the infrastructure in a local environment to ensure stable hybrid operation.

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Corporate cloud platform. The service provides access to many services, business tools, and the ability to work with databases. SAP cloud technologies allow businesses to use machine learning to process large amounts of data, build and expand their infrastructure.

SAP data centers are located all over the world, and certified Tier-3 and Tier-4 data centers are used for hosting. These data centers do not stop their work in the event of failures and errors, which increases the degree of security of your data and all business processes.

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With the Global Cloud Connect service, you will not depend on a public Internet connection, and the fault tolerance of the entire IT system of your business will increase significantly.

  • Lower costs

    We find and delete unnecessary files, process data on the same or common cores with cache memory, use GridFTP when transporting a large number of small files. All this reduces the costs of transferring large volumes of data between infrastructure units.

  • Scaling

    Global Cloud Connect uses multiple transport nodes to optimize data transfer rates and increase computing power. This ensures instant data exchange between your servers and the ability to adapt the system depending on the current request.

  • Efficiency

    We monitor bandwidth and manage routing, ensuring optimal traffic costs in data center networks. Global Cloud Connect optimizes the process of transferring large volumes of data in a virtual environment and allows you to create hybrid cloud applications and scale the company's IT infrastructure.


VOLZ works with international partners to ensure the most efficient traffic connection of our customers with European countries.

We have built high-quality direct inclusions in international traffic exchange points. We are constantly expanding existing traffic exchange points that pass through Ukraine, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Warsaw.

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