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We offer services for the implementation of analog, digital and SIP telephony in your business.


Increase your level of customer service and analyze the performance and quality of the sales department. VOLZ will introduce telephony that is optimal for you into your business.

  • SIP telephony

    Enables the use of uniform numbering and short extension numbers for institutions that have a large number of subsidiaries and offices. It is possible to organize the work of remote workers. Contains a number of SIP protocol services: video conferencing, audio conferencing, instant messaging.


    • Mobility, thanks to the use of the Internet

    • Economy

    • The highest level of security

  • Digital telephony

    An ideal solution for large businesses. Due to the copying of not only urban, but also non-urban digital channels, uninterrupted telephone communication is ensured. By using a fiber optic gateway with local telephone networks, millisecond switching between subscribers is used.


    • Continuous telephone communication

    • High level of security

    • Unlimited channels

  • Analog telephony

    Using a telephone line that connects the device to the PBX, where subscriber data is stored. This type of telephony requires the construction of an independent cable network. VOLZ is able to implement this in the shortest possible time, thanks to its own extensive coverage in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine.


    • The most affordable option for telephony

    • Stable independent cable network

    • Easy to use


Telephony tariffs as of 2024

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