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Analogue, digital and SIP-telephony are the newest kinds of telephony, which are based on the usage of the most modern technologies in the data transfer sphere.



This type of telephony is not the sharpest knife in the drawer and each of us met with it. This is due to the fact that the analogue telephony is one of the first main types of this technology. Its essence is very simple - the voice is converts into analog electrical signals and transfers through the wire. It uses a telephone line that connects the device with the PBX, where the subscribers data is stored. Though such type requires construction of an independent cable network, but our experts can perform all possible actions in any strict deadlines with providing of high-quality services.


  • Time proved (more than 100 years of usage around the world);
  • Independent secure cable system;
  • User-friendly.

Digital telephony with PRI stream provides the best level of communication and uses the most advanced security protocols while transferring voice data. Due to copying not only the city, but also non-urban digital data channels it ensures uninterrupted voice transmission. Thanks to using of fiber-optic gate unit between local telephones networks it use millisecond changeover between subscribers. This technology perfectly suits for large companies and organizations that want have quality service which includes the main achievements of mankind in the telephony industry by using of minimum investments.


  • Uninterrupted telephonic communication;
  • High level of reliability;
  • Unlimited number of channels.

At the moment, this technique refers to the new-generation networks. At the SIP-telephony refers to next generation networks moment (new generation networks). You can use a single number and short numbers for institutions that have a large number of subsidiaries and offices, which are located far from each other. In addition, you will get an opportunity to organize the work of freelancers. It does not matter where city phone number is located, price will be much more profitably for the customer than the installation of a simple telephone line. Also, there is no need in installing of additional communication. In the near future our company plans the increasing of the number of SIP services: video conferencing, audio conferencing, ability to instant messaging, etc.


  • Mobility – it contains the connection with using of the Internet;
  • Economic efficiency;
  • High level of security.

Tariffs for Telephony

The order of installation is determined by the "Rules of rendering and receiving telecommunications services" that are approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from 11.04.2012 №295.The amount of the subscription fee and local calls in the tariff plans corresponds to the current Limiting tariffs for public telecommunications services.

LLC "Scientific-Production Firm" VOLZ "informs you that, in accordance with the Decision of the National Commission, which carries out state regulation in the field of communication and informatization of Ukraine dated 18.09.2018, No. 488" On Approval of Limit Tariffs for Public Telecommunication Services " , registered in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on 02.10.2018 under the number 1126/32578, from January 1, 2019, new Limit Tariffs for publicly available telecommunication services will come into force.