Reliable DDoS attacks protection

Business needs protection against attacks of various levels. VOLZ implements all the necessary measures for this with the help of solutions from the modern American Arbor system.


The number of DDoS attacks on businesses is increasing every year. This is due to the growing level of business digitalization and the relatively low cost of launching an attack. Annually, the total volume of DDoS attacks increases by a third from the previous year.

Absolutely all web resources are at risk: from mass media to online stores. It does not depend on the turnover of the business or the degree of popularity of the brand. Losses from a single attack session, if a business has not protected its traffic, can amount to tens of thousands of dollars.

Therefore, it is important to provide your business with reliable protection against DDoS attacks. The system for its provision must be flexible, accurate and fast. VOLZ knows how to implement it.


VOLZ minimizes the risks of DDoS attacks on your resource. Traffic will be monitored 24/7 and attacks will be repelled.

  • Arbor Sightline™ System

    Accurate network attack detector. Detects attacks of levels 3 and 4 of the OSI model (mostly volumetric attacks: attacks of the UDP Amplification type) and turns on protection in 3 seconds.

  • Threat Mitigation System

    In the presence of an OSI layer 3-7 attack, the Arbor Sightline system redirects traffic to the TMS cleanup subsystem. This guarantees protection against higher-level attacks with the ability to clean traffic.

  • Arbor Sightline™ Client Dashboard

    Access to detailed traffic analysis, as well as the ability to configure and enable BGP Blackhole and TMS protections. Detailed attack reports will be available in your personal account.

  • Settings and configuration

    The ability to configure groups and channels for receiving event notifications, as well as to divide the network into separate resources and configure specific protection for resources. Detailed traffic statistics and analysis are available for the entire network and individual objects.


We are proud to provide high quality services and highly qualified service for our customers.

Settings and ConfigurationsYesYes
Flow-Protection At 3-4 LevelsYesYes
Access to Arbor Personal CabinetYesYes
Full-Protection at Levels 3-7 (ISO Models) Using the TMS SystemYes

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