Reliable data transmission channels for operators and providers

We expand business opportunities, build telecommunication communication channels and provide Internet access to operators and providers.


We provide IP transit for our partners with maximum efficiency. We use reliable equipment and provide round-the-clock technical support.

  • SDH services

    • Our team implemented the ring topology of the SDH transport network and the reserve of all system elements.

    • This means that it is possible to automatically switch to a backup route without interrupting the service.

    • In case of defects, they are eliminated from the network control center.

  • ETHERNET services

    • Direct fiber-optic cable connections from the trunk network to the client's technical site.

    • Installation of passive and active equipment with 10/100 Base-T (256 Kbps - 100 Mbps), 100/1000 Base-TX / SX / LX (100 Mbps - 1 Gbit).

    • Support for standard Ethernet protocols IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u, and IEEE 802.3ae.

    • EoS (Ethernet over SDH) with high MTU, full transparency and QinQ can be provided as needed.

  • Digital channels

    We provide services for telecommunication operators and organize digital communication channels based on our own SDH fiber optic networks

    • G.703 256 Kbps-2.048 Mbps (E1), 34 Mbps (E3)

    • G.957 155 Mbps (STM-1), 622 Mbps (STM-4)

    • V.35 64 kbps - 2.048 kbps

  • Other solutions

    We provide city phone numbers and Internet access, connect IP telephony, hosting and co-location services.


We value every partnership and do everything to make it profitable and fair for each party.

  • International exchange points

    We have direct connections to Ukrainian and international traffic exchange points: UA-IX — Ukraine; Giganet — Ukraine; AMS-IX — Amsterdam; DE-CIX — Frankfurt. Therefore, VOLZ provides its service at the international level.

  • Optimised solutions

    VOLZ has a sufficient amount of ready work and experience to provide services in the shortest possible time and under fair conditions. We understand your business, so we know how to find a solution and implement it with minimal additional costs.

  • Cutting edge equipment

    We constantly study market offers, find promising technologies and integrate them into our work. VOLZ uses only efficient and reliable equipment in its work. We also have a team for its maintenance.

  • Security and privacy

    We know the value of data security and data protection, that is why protection is one of the key directions of VOLZ's work. Our equipment has a high degree of protection. We guarantee data security and confidentiality of each client.

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