We provide high quality domain registration services

Managing your domains with VOLZ is quick, easy and secure. We can register and transfer a range of domains for your business.


DOMAINUAH incl. VAT / year
.UA 2,400
.COM.UA, .NET.UA, .УКР 480
.ORG.UA 408
.COM, .NET, .ORG 762
.TODAY 1,188

OUr domain registration services

We provide a wide range of services for your domain registration and management needs.

  • 1. Register a new domain

    This service is intended for registration of domains that do not yet exist. If the domain name exists, the control panel will notify you.

  • 2. Transfer an existing domain

    This method is designed to transfer an existing domain from another NS to ours. Our NSs are able to support domains of any kind.

  • 3. Part-registration

    This is for clients who already have a domain name registered and hosted but need our servers for websites and electronic mail boxes. To arrange this, please email our support team at

  • 4. Sub-domain service

    To arrange a sub-domain, please email our support team at


How long does the registration process take?

If the initial information provided by the user is sufficient, then we will register the domain for you in under a day from receiving payment. After that, it will take about a day for information about your new domain to propagate to all DNS servers on the Internet.

If you are unsure about any settings you'd like to set up on your domain, please contact our technical support team. Incorrect settings can disrupt the availability of your web and/or mail services.

Managing your domains

What is a domain transfer and when is it carried out?

Domain transfer is necessary when you want to transfer your site or other services related to a domain from one registrar to another. When transferring the site, it is also necessary to change certain information fields in the record about your domain to ensure that the site or mail associated with the domain continues to work correctly.

Sequence of actions when registering a new domain or transferring an existing domain from another registrar:

1. Order the service by filling out our contact form.
2. Sign the contract with VOLZ for the provision of domain registration services.
3. Make the payment as per the contract.

In order to transfer a domain to another registrar please e-mail your instructions to

If I registered the domain myself?

If you registered the domain yourself and now have full access to manage the domain name at the registrar, then you just need to change the ns-server records of your domain to and (if required, enter IP addresses of ns servers and, respectively).

How long does the transfer process take?

The full process usually takes 2-3 days.

How long will my site be unavailable when a domain is transferred?

In the event that there are no unforeseen complications from the registrar or your old host, the domain transfer process is carried out in the background, with zero downtime for your users. Your site should be available continuously throughout the process.

Privacy Policy

Every domain has a "registrar" and "contact person" attached to it. We will collect this personal information about you and transfer it to the top-level domain registry. Data identifying the customer is open and available, in particular, through the Registry's whois service. Confidential data is information of a commercial nature, which relates to the cost of services, as well as information for the authorization of the customer. That is never shared by us with any 3rd party.

You can read more about the regulations for registering domain names in public second-level namespaces here.

If you have further questions about our domain registration services

We are happy to answer any extra questions you may have. Call us on (044) 247-40-08, or reach us via email at

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Privacy Policy