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We are proud to say that we are one of the leading companies in telecommunication sphere of Kiev. We were building our company with a vengeance for more than two decades and we will not stop at the top!


In accordance of gaining an altitude of steady development and achieving of assigned tasks you have to plan every your step perfectly.

  • 2015. An agreement has been signed with an international telecommunications giant “British Telecom”. This is one of the oldest companies in the world, the history of which starts in 1660.
    RPC VOLZ has built its own external Internet channels and has placed telecommunication racks on International platforms AMS-IX-Amsterdam; DE-CIX - Frankfurt; THINX-IX., which provide connectivity to international providers of Tier-1, among them is RPC “Verizon”.

  • 2012-2013. VOLZ has absorbed companies both “Relcom” and “KievWeb” and successfully integrates them into own infrastructure. This action has helped us to extremely expand the available possibilities and attract much more competent staff.

  • 2010. Company has successfully developed the fiber-optic network, total length of which is more than 1000 km. Until this moment we were able to achieve new level of telecommunication services providing and this has allowed us to provide the services of premium quality.

  • 2008. In this prosperous year for our company we have signed the contract for building of corporate enterprise network for Group of companies "Fozzy Group" in more than 120 outlets and restaurants. We were already for more than ten years on telecommunication market and we have achieved the quality of services, which corresponds to the European standards.
    RPC VOLZ has signed the first international agreement with the RPC “Equant France Telecom Orange”. The cooperation with this RPC has helped us to develop our understanding of quality services and rise to a new level thanks to adoption of knowledge and skills.

  • 2006. In attempts to up the level of products and services the company has always strived for innovationt. As a result, we became the first provider who started the construction and usage of GPON technology in city Kiev.

  • 2004. Successful development of our company demonstrates its result. Leading companies have started showing their trust and wish of co-working with us. In accordance to this, Has been built optics and created the telecommunication nodes on almost PBX`s of Ukrtelecom.
    RPC VOLZ starts the providing of transferring data channels for most providers/operators of Kiev. That allowed us to strengthen hand on telecommunication market in our capital.

  • 2001. Whole year we were trying to develop with maximum speed. The result was not slow to arrive - 300 km of trunk cable has been successfully built.

  • 2016. RPC VOLZ has launched its cloud service in Warsaw, on the basis of the “Atman” data center. Our new solutions and services allow the user to flexibly configure the virtual network with the ability to build public and private networks.
    For many years we were working for only one reason – to raise the level of telecommunication services in Ukraine. As a result, RPC VOLZ launches and begins the usage of cloud services in Kiev.

  • 2014. All our progress haven`t been able to escape notice. And thanks to the work for many years on the development of our services, RPC VOLZ becomes a leader on corporate sector of telecommunication.

  • 2011. Thanks to the reached progress, which has been gained for many years of work, RPC VOLZ has signed the contracts with various international providers including Slovak Telekom, GTS. Now, not only Ukrainian leading companies wants to cooperate with us, but European too.

  • 2009. Start of the construction project of corporate enterprise network for more than 100 branches of “NOVA POSHTA”. We have used all innovative technologies, which our RPC successfully realized in full.

  • 2007. High level of security and reliability of provided services allowed us to feel the trust from side of important market fields. According to this, RPC VOLZ has implemented projects of the corporate data transfer construction for banks: Credit Agricole, Raiffeisen Bank Aval, RODOVID BANK, PrivatBank.

  • 2005. Has been signed the first shareholders agreement with the RPC "Cosmo" for building of corporate enterprise network for more than 35 outlets. That allowed us to gain invaluable experience, which was successfully used in the development of our services.

  • 2003. Every day working on our mistakes and eradicating defects we achieved the expansion and development of provided services. Thanks to this, RPC VOLZ reserves left bank by independent optics, two different data cross-pieces.

  • 2000. RPC VOLZ begins the building of fiber-optic network in Kiev. First steps of the RPC allow us to create the reliable ground for further improvements and developments.


Our company has been established in May 1996. We were trying to improve our services and gain as much as possible experience from provided work. Nowadays, we are proud that we were able to pass such difficult way and now we are one of the leading telecommunication companies of Kiev. We will be improving our services and we will be looking for all possible ways of making us better.


We are a highly-motivated telecommunications company, that aims to satisfy every one of our clients!


Our primary objectives consist of constant development of provided services, satisfaction of every customer and improvement of our services to remain the most reliable telecommunication company in our segment. Also, we aspire to cooperate with the most successful organisations in every market sphere as well to support small businesses.


We put immense focus on great customer service and believe that in our filed this can only be achieved through individual approach to every client. We are always ready to comply with the wishes of our clients and we will try to find the best solution of any problem that may exist. Our services are designed to be flexible to the needs of every individual customer and to be carried out to the highest quality by our professional team. Although we don’t stop on completion with our excellent support team ready to assist any customer individually if any problem arises.


We think that each customer should know the benefits of cooperating with us to fulfill their needs. We may proudly say that we are one of the leading telecommunication companies in Kiev. Our services are time-proved since the date of our establishment. Dealing with us means the usage of reliable services, fair pricing on each stage of cooperation and existence of the best support from our team!


Our primary blueprint for the future is “do not stop at the top!”. Although we have reached considerable success in our field we recognize the importance of innovation and the potential for growth. Therefore, our company policy is “if development of the company stops, we have no reason to exist!” and according to this statement we are always trying to innovate our organisation in every way that may assist our growth!